Thursday, April 9, 2015

Crocheted Bolero

I am posting a bit late tonight I've been pretty busy lately trying to get Emma's blanket done which I fear may not make it in time. I have really been enjoying my knitting adventure, find myself straying away from crocheting. I've been cleaning for spring taking things out and packing them away, things that needed put in there place awhile ago. Time seems to fly by and one finds things still waiting to be addressed. I made this oh gosh maybe three, four years ago and finally stumbled across the book where I got the pattern. I can not tell you how many patterns I have waiting to be started it's like collecting coins, or a special set of trinkets. They just keep piling up. This little sweater wasn't really made for anyone in particular, but, with grand daughters now it just might find a home. I found the pattern in a Bernat booklet softee baby 530186. It's really easy and the colors I just love, although I haven't crocheted the flowers yet. It ranges from 6 months to 24 months this one I did in 24 months. I will set up a PDF of this later tonight hopefully have it up tomorrow if you want to give it a go.