Sunday, March 1, 2015

On The Needles

Since my children are all on there own I can do most anything I desire. It's one of the beauties of aging. Once you hit 50 everything starts to come together, the mind, body and spirit collide and it's beautiful. I can be inconsistent, sleep as long as want, wear whatever I want, take long showers, close my eyes and stand there like I'm under a huge water fall. No one shouting Mom, no one needing anything, hey is anyone cooking tonight, nope just me. Methinks the butler requires money! I wondered why he never shows up. I can, yes I can do anything I want as long as I desire! Ah! Yes, Ah! I say with a smile!
Yes you miss your children, of course, yet you begin to realize they have their own life now. And that's when yours truly begins....yippy! What does all that have to do with what's on the needles, nothing other than I can knit as long as I like, eating my chocolate basking in the warmth of my little creative nest. And watch what I like, OMG did anyone happen to watch " How to get away with Murder" it rocks, Rhimes hit it right out of the park. I was so mesmerized I couldn't knit.What, I could way...Viola Davis girlfriend you rock!
And on the needles I'm rocking a blanket for Emma, my granddaughter turning one May 9th. What a gorgeous little lady, and those eyes...her mommy loves everything pink. Hence the blanket in the making for her birthday. Yup, the color of her bedroom tan, white and pink, it's simply delicious and my son did it all. I'll have to grab a photo shot. The yarn I love Cascade 220 superwash sport, so soft and lightweight. I will be adding a ruffled pink edging. I also plan on knitting a hooded cape for spring to match...if all goes quickly. And there ya have it what's currently on the needles.
Oh and before I go...yes, that is Emma in the snow and nope I'm not consistent posting at certain times everyday, how boring would that be, for someone totally spontaneous!