Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Skin Therapy Vitamin C...it really works

Hello dear friends...
Popping in to let you know about a product I've been using that is amazing.
Last week I went to Ultra Beauty and had a facial skin assessment by a wonder specialist, Marissa.
It was totally free which one would think is the best part, of course, anything free is a good thing especially in this day and age.

The assessment is only 15 minutes, a few questions, and they write everything down for you to take home. Now, one would also think they are really trying to sell you their products, and the high end ones. Not so, I was ask a series of questions, what I use on my face, what problems I wanted addressed and then they give you a review. 

At 59 I have pretty good skin with the exceptions of a few brown spots, and some fine wrinkles. I thank my parents for such great genetics. Both were barely gray by 70 and my mother's skin was very nice. So, it did help. I still have the T zone and am a bit drier on the outer edges. My eyes show signs of looking dark underneath. With all that said....here is what I do.

I use Clean and Clear advanced in the gray and purple tube. It's amazing on my T zone. My daughter is also using it and loves it. Clears her face overnight.
After that I apply Vitamin E under my eyes...you can use the tablets and open them however pure Vitamin E is best or in a serum. This keeps the lines on my eyes soft and less visible it really does work been using since I was 30. I drink more water for the dark areas under my eyes and it to is working well.

Now,  on my face I use Avalon Vitamin C in the photo above, just a little goes a long way. I just started using it less than a week ago and I can not tell you how amazing it truly is...and I am a huge skeptical when it comes to anti aging products. I refuse to buy into anything on those TV commercials...anything to do with celebrities it's merely just a way for them to make money with the movie industry so bleak these days. Please don't buy in to it all...not even the commercials for weight loss with celebrities they all have personal trainers and cooks.

With all that said, I highly recommend the Vitamin C Serum. It really is amazing and oh so inexpensive. Nothing we use on ourselves should cost a fortune. I truly stand by that statement, you truly can get an amazing affect without breaking the bank.
Hope you enjoy my discovery and try it for yourself and by all means feel free to pop in any post and let me know how it's working for you. I am sure you will love it.