Sunday, March 8, 2015

Child Support is So Wrong!

From this on March 8, 1997

To this March 8, 2015
HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO MY TWIN SONS BORN WITH DOWN SYNDROME AND TAKEN BY THEIR FATHER WHEN THEY WERE 8. I HAVEN'T SEEN THEM IN 10 YEARS. Photographs were given to me just last year by my ex's, mother, who I ran into at the store. It's the first I have seen of them since they were taken.

To all of those out there women and men who take their children or use their children as a pawn against the other parent...I say do not truly love your children for if you did you would not use them as you do in any form. To live on child support, to gain more child support, constant reporting there other parent to child support, forcing the paying parent to jump through legal or verbal hoops for you...I also say...YOU ARE THE TRUEST FORM OF A  COWARD. To speak of the paying parent as most who receive child support do those children deserve better than you! If you truly love your children you parent them together, what you and your spouse have been through is not the children's to bare. 

My twins were taken by their father when they were 8...simply because I wanted a divorce and as he said in his own words...he would not pay child support and have nothing. Child support for handicap children is based on their ability at 18 to live on their own. If they can not the child support continues. Due to going against the child visitation laws...I filed a contempt of non visitation on my own in Court. Due to my ex looking at custody being reversed and looking at 6 years in prison, he plea bargained with the judge. The bargain was... that child support would no longer make me pay if I would drop the contempt. The judge took the deal without asking me. I still have not seen them to date.

To those who collect child support...the laws are about to change...a petition to the White House was accepted as it reached it's goal in signatures, I signed it myself. THE BRADLEY AMENDMENT will be revised. For those who do not understand the AMENDMENT LET ME EXPLAIN...

In 1986 Senator William Bradley, of New Jersey, put in to motion and amended the child support laws... it states that anyone regardless of race, color or creed, regardless of mental or physical condition, even in a coma shall pay child support. Any military personnel shall do the same.
Men and Woman in the Military have to follow the same rules even if incapacitated and this is America, this is what women have allowed to happen all in the name revenge. How on earth can anyone live with themselves when they use their children to gain or manipulate, you are only hurting the are teaching them to hate.

According to the Bradley Amendment the person receiving child support has the ability to forgive the debt you owe, child support system themselves has the same ability but will not tell the paying parent. 
Child Support without a doubt is not care if or how a paying parent lives is treating someone less than human. Nearly every person who maintains custody of their children are receiving some sort of Welfare due to the children. The paying parent is left to fend for themselves, drivers license are taken, which often prevents the paying parent access to their children or for that taking them anywhere. Please rethink what you are doing to your children and the paying parent.

Bradley Amendment

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In United States law, the Bradley Amendment (1986, Public law 99-509, 42 U.S.C. § 666(a)(9)(c), Bill Bradley) requires state courts to prohibit retroactive reduction of child support obligations. Specifically, it:
  • automatically triggers a non-expiring lien whenever child support becomes past-due.
  • overrides any state's statute of limitations.
  • disallows any judicial discretion, even from bankruptcy judges.
  • requires that the payment amounts be maintained without regard for the physical capability of the person owing child support (the obligor) to promptly document changed circumstances or regard for his awareness of the need to make the notification.
But, like any other past-due debt, the obligee, typically a mother, may forgive what is owed to her.
When past-due child support is owed to a state as a result of welfare paid out, the state is free to forgive some or all of it under what's known as an "offer in compromise".