Friday, January 16, 2015

It's a Pet Peeve...of the Yarn Kind Sorta

First and foremost I have to say although the sun is shinning and I should be happy, it's darn right cold outside! I know winter is a must, I know the season have to change... I get it all...yet today... I do believe I'd like to hear, birds singing, the smell of fresh cut grass, and the sounds of a motorcycle riding I am in need of a vacation somewhere South! If most of my body parts are heading that way, I should darn well be able to go with them... free of charge....anywhere South...can that be a law Obama can write up for seniors, gee, wouldn't that be totally awesome! Don't get you're hopes up, the best we can do is imagine ourselves somewhere on a deserted island, waiting for a man named Brad, like in Pitt, to come up and out of the water to pour oil on our body, and massage it in...alright...I get it nice dream girl. I thought so LOL!
Now that I have all that out of my system let's talk about the reason I am posting this...I go on Pinterest occasionally looking for something different in a pattern...something more than scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, socks, etc...gosh there are so many of them. Often I think gee they are in such abundance at the store and cheap this time of year. Why would I knit or crochet them. Okay, party pooper here...I know.. I know.. they are unique and often one of a kind if handmade. However, I prefer things like the crocheted sweater in the photo. So what is my point, my pet totally drives me nuts when I visit Pinterest and it's filled with photographs that go no where... or to a site of nasty crap that gets blocked...thank you! Sometimes I think people pin things just for more attention on the Internet...I say...please... if I type in Pinterest knitting patterns stop pinning things that go nowhere...please put it on a page that says...things I like. Now if only I could figure out how to take a ripple blanket and add sleeves. I am sure it's out on the World Wide Web somewhere yet if someone wouldn't have put this on a knitting pattern page I would have no desire to make it. Now that I have that off my chest....which really doesn't stop me from eating my favorite chocolate M&M's... or finishing my knitted blanket and staying warm...I am really cool with it all.

P.S. as you're looking at the girl in the photo and thinking wow she's thin, she's beautiful, let me just say you age the only real thing any woman worries about is the same old same...her weight. From skinny to heavy we all worry about it...too thin, to heavy...just a few pounds over...whatever I say! Get use to who you are...after all there is no one like you.