Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tutorial Weave in Yarn Ends Easy...You'll Love This!

Good Day lovely readers, hope all are staying warm and knitting or crocheting away. 
I am still knitting my second blanket and in fact it's just about done, so I will be posting it soon. All done in Paton's Classic Wool, gray and charcoal, it's really cozy. Then I will be starting a cape for my grand daughter, Emma, who is 8 months. I'm dong it in Cascade 220 Heather, just in time for spring.
Okay with that said, straight away to the photograph. 
As some may know I've been Web Searching for interesting knitting/crochet patterns and in my search came across this tutorial called the Russian Join It's so deals with adding a new skein of yarn and hiding those dreaded ends when the item is all finished. I love it! It's absolutely clever.
So, get going, pop on over to Twist Yarn Shop...this join should make all yarn workers a lot happier.