Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Top 10 Knitting Blogs 2014

 Hi all, since I am not one who designs a lot of knitting patterns or patterns in general, I decide to start doing something a little different on my blog. 

I am still going to show patterns I am working, the finished products and such...but...I am also going to start talking about many topics woman seem to stop and ask me a lot...or often in a simple conversation in a store while out. It seems with all the information available to woman or young girl's  on the internet they are still a bit confused on many woman's issues.

However to start things rolling......I begin on this note...

Wonderful blogs are a dime a dozen, or so one would think, right...not even close!
In an effort to support the blogs I admire, follow on my bookmarks, here are the top 10 knitting blogs according to Google and I agree.

1. My Sister's Knitter

There are some fabulous people on these lists, working hard to share their knitting and their lives with you on a regular basis (Google likes it when you’re active, too.) Please, continue to support all of their hard work (sometimes a post takes me up to five hours to complete!) – they do it for the love of knitting, and of course – the love of you, their readers!
Happy knitting, blogging, and reading, everyone!