Friday, December 19, 2014

Reinventing Yourself After 50....Part One...When Changes Happen

Welcome, Hi I'm Pamela...
This is me at 59 taken just recently and I can proudly say my profile pic is also me late summer still at 59. I've never found that a number, or society status of us over 50, defines who I am or planned on becoming. I never thought of my life as being over once I went beyond the big 50. I always considered life to be just what it is a constant change over the course of my life. Without saying, yes I've heard the words, and felt the looks of, oh my gosh you're old. I can't say it doesn't feel different because it does, yet oddly, only when I am among those in society. I do not feel my age or for that think about it until, as most, I look in the mirror and see the minor changes. Yes, they are minor yet often feel big, only due to the fact, I don't walk around carrying a mirror the size of my face on a daily bases. 

My face is not my focus, nor is my body, who I am and what I am capable of doing is what counts. It's what we must learn as the clock moves forward and our appearance changes. I also don't believe in plastic surgery as my face tells the story of my life and I want my grand children to see grammie as she is not as she once was....I've earned that in every aspect of my life. How can my grand children know there heritage completely if I alter my face. That doesn't say I don't take care of it the best I can naturally. I don't wash my face with any chemicals, I use all natural goat's milk soap, a cool rinse is all. I walk a lot to stay mobile which really helps. I also find it important very important to let my inner child play as much as she wants...that is laughing, dancing to music, chasing my grand children, or the neighbors dog, I even troll through the woods always letting the child play. I never say I can't I just do it and if it doesn't work one way I find another.

I do my best to eat healthy foods, salads, veggies, and occasionally chocolate...yes, I love chocolate. I feel everyone must have a go to food eaten in moderation when stress finds it's way in ones life. I now avoid all flours except coconut flour which I use in anything that contains flour. I do not eat any kind of breads, donuts, etc. My pasta is all whole wheat and done in moderation, after all the older we get we find the less we need to consume. I do however eat fresh fruit, and thankfully my neighbors grow all natural, variety of apples, peaches, and pears. My meat is simply organic grass feed chicken and wild fish...I am 5 ft. 7 inch and weigh in at 168, a bit thick around the waist nothing too much that I am not satisfied. I am healthy and that's important. 

With that said, I also make a point of keeping stress as low as possible. I do this by allowing my children to make their own adult mistakes and solve them on their own. I know this sound harsh, but, my mother always said this..." you made your bed you lie in it, you chose your way, go off and fix it yourself." I can't thank her enough for using such a cliche' phrase, but mostly for applying it, and sticking to it. She made me stronger, more aware of how to solve my own problems, she prepared me for life ahead. That allows me to bounce back faster and stand taller every time I come across a problem in life. My mother taught me how to survive on my own, totally, responsibly, and quite effectively. I can do this completely on my own, completely. I also choose family and friends based on how they treat me, after all I want to be treated the way I treat others. I've learned that words should follow with the actions that fit them, and if they don't, it's time to remove that person. Fake is something I don't tolerate at this stage of my life.

Although we as parents tend to want to nurture our children all through life, it's not healthy, for every thing you take care of for them, they can not learn to apply on their own. After all we are not immortal, life goes's really truly is never to late to do anything as long as you're alive and have a passion for it. So for now this part ends with it continuing on to part two next week.
I hope you'll stick around there is still a lot more to come. 

Have a wonderful Friday!