Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Delightful Christmas Tree!

It's been unusually warm here in the East a bit like the winter before last years, which was bitterly cold and oh, so snowy.  I do miss the snow on the neighbors pine tree, and yet I love being able to see every line and placement of the form of this tree and the lights lying on the delicate branches. This tree is one of my most favorites...a bit old fashion with the colored lights. The last two years are the first my neighbor, Cindy, has decorated the tree since she lived in her home of 15 years. Of course me, had to ask how could you not, it's beautiful. It's just makes me smile, I feel like a child as I see it lite up every year now. I love simple things, not too much decorations on a tree and I love that now that this lovely tree is decorate.  So every Christmas I get to enjoy this beautiful tree. Somehow it feels right that the joys of the Holiday Season are outside among nature. It feels natural I delight in the fact that this particular tree offers an amazing addition to the Holiday Season. Beside I told Cindy if you don't decorate it I will cut it down one Christmas and take it home..NOT...I would dig it up and move it...NOT...it's perfect right where it's sits. My wish for all this Holiday Season is to have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year filled with miracles and many blessings.