Sunday, December 7, 2014

Another Blanket on the Needles

Hi all, hope your weekend is really awesome...
I am watching my Eagles play football and knocking off a new blanket.

This one on my circulars is a blanket for my grandson, William, made using Paton's Classic Wool which I love in the garter stitch. Although, right now, I am snagging some quality Alpaca and Cashmere yarns off the net. I can not tell you how warm my blanket I promised I would finish before another project truly is...oh so large, and comfy I am so happy I did it! This one I plan on backing with a nice coordinating fabric I am thinking flannel and a high end one. There are times when as an Empty Nester and I am sure for anyone just getting by...where you say "Crap on it all" I need to dive into something nice for a change. Even if it sets me back a bit...there are times I've just had enough. I wanna splurge and say take that life...I'm fighting back. I can't take money with me at the end, and surely am not leaving it to have my children fight over I dumped it into college funds for the grand babies. No one can touch it until they are 18 and it grows in dollars with interest as they do. I say ha ha to my children fight over something else...I've go the G babies covered. And for anyone who read this please, please, educate your daughter's on finances they really need to know everything they can...I had my daughter read every book of Suze Orman's I could and trust me she thanks me every once in awhile. Not only do they have there house nearly paid of at ages 28 and 32 she also has a bank account just for her...she started it at 21 to protect herself. My only daughter, a radiographer who is constantly working whenever she can, and, her SWAT guy that spent 4 tours in the early days of the Iraq war as an American Sniper. I am proud of all my children thank goodness I finally have time for me HA HA!