Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We are Women!

Me, a selfie, and a pet peeve!

So here you go this is me at a whopping 59 years old. A young 59 I must admit, I make a point to walk a lot and stay young at heart and mind. Letting the child play as often as she wants too. I believe it's important to do so because what we let out on the inside reflects also on the out, and my inner child loves to play and laugh, mostly at herself. I do love comedies and stray from the news and negativity as often as I can. I make a point to live in a positive mind. 

So what is my pet peeve...the fact that men are a factor in so many area's of a woman's life and more often unnecessarily. Why is it men create clothing for woman, what on earth do they know if they're not one. Most of my early years an OB was a man who did my pap smears yearly. What on earth did he know about my hormones, my moods, or for that any part of a woman other than the part is examines. Hormones what on earth does a man know about a woman's hormone other than to say, it's that time isn't it! Please, beam me up to a place where woman speak for woman.

On the same note what does a man know about designing clothing for woman. Do they experience our bodies as they change, gee, I hope not. I often wonder why someone hasn't figured out how to design any type of pants for the aging woman other than elastic. Yes, I do wear elastic, of course I do, in sweat pants, in jeggings, yup this girl wears jeggings and loves them. I also wear a size 10 jean right from the same section I always bought them. Just because I'm aging doesn't mean I have to give in to what aging as been. NOT!

I make faces, I laugh, even cut my own hair, have since I can remember. Who knows my hair better than me. Who knows the shape of my face better than me, who knows the way I like my hair better than me. The picture in my profile is me in my early 50ties and I have to say I love aging every aspect of it is wonderful, even though society tends to think we are useless, we are not. Wisdom is amazing, mistakes are wonderful, because we learn better now than anytime in our younger years. Love is better, for everything, for our children and the love of grand children is twice as good. I troll blogs see woman entering the empty nest stage, and those still raising children and I think, I did all of that even hear the same struggles, that all of us women who were their before them had, it's still all the same. Oh wait, not totally, in the 80's we didn't let our children run down store aisles or scream and yell, nope, some of us spanked, some of us talked, and most of us looked at our children and said, do that one more time and we are leaving, and we did! Yup, do it again, we left the carts, and the store, children in hand, and arms. We did what we told them, not twice, only once. Twice had consequences.

So from this aging woman I say, don't be afraid, to resemble your mother, to one day look in the mirror and see her starring back. Don't ask what happened, when did I become her, just be happy you are...still alive, still learning, still laughing, still aging...I believe if I can so can you. I never thought much about approaching 50 let alone 60. Didn't imagine it, and would not trade it to go back for anything. Every step right or wrong has made me this person you see. Oh, and speaking of this woman you see, in this photo I am wearing IT Cosmetics. Not bad hey, not even photo shopped, don't have the program anyway. It's just little ole' me, smiling as I always am.