Sunday, November 9, 2014

IT Cosmetics

Okay since no one is interested in the giveaway I decided I might change things up a bit on my blog. I am  not one who likes to knit or crochet all the time it's generally in the fall and winter months. Like one woman I meant from Europe last year, who said, I don't know why most in America need patterns to create anything in knitting and crocheting. I am also not big on granny square items and lots of colors mixed together. I am also not big on designing patterns. I am more of a creative type mind with no special interest other than to dabble in just about everything. Can it get annoying, ah, yeah, right, it can and does. 

 With all that said, I ran into a woman at the craft store a week ago, her face looked fresh and nice. I admit I had to approach her and ask. I can't deny upon a close up, she had a bit of makeup on her face, more than I would wear. Still I ask she replied, it's called IT Cosmetics. I thought okay never heard of the stuff. Complimented her and walked away. A few days later I was up late and BAM there it was while changing the channels on QVC. Now this girl is curious and loves to learn about things, so indeed, I did watch for awhile. It sparked my interest I went to there personal site IT Cosmetics and indeed ordered there concealer which for a small tube ran 29.00 that was with tax. Yeah, I hear ya, a bit pricey was my thought too!

So the end result, here I am no makeup, one side has on the concealer can you tell which side? Now in my opinion it does cover but not as well as it showed on QVC then again it's marketing. They will do what they need to for a sale. I am quite aware of the tactics. I find it to be a bit odd feeling in my hand before applying. To get good coverage it takes quite a bit on the face and I don't like that...nothing like leaning on someone and leaving a huge makeup stain. NOT! As we age we look for coverage because the skin becomes more grayish, starts to get brown spots, and dark circle under the eye from bone loss. If you notice my skin on the right the brownish color eyelids that's from wearing eye makeup all the time when I was younger, it dyes the pigment of the skin as does lipstick. For me getting a facial peel is way too expensive. I would rather spend the money on a long trip to the Caribbean, lying in the sun while getting a massage from a hot guy, named Roberto, while sipping on a Margarita.

Personally the concealer alone cost way to much I have had similar results in Cover Girl, etc, products. Besides IT Cosmetics face makeup that eliminates the need for the concealer is a whopping 38.00 plus tax and shipping. They sent me a sample in a small package and to get the coverage they show it takes again quite a bit on the face. This is not for me. I'd rather leave it to the Clowns in the Circus.