Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little Fox Needs Crocheted

My daughter and her family, it's still hard to believe sometimes...

that my nest has been empty for nearly a decade next year. And her family grew by one little sweet boy who has captured my heart. I am so proud of her my radiographer, amazing mom, and daughter, waiting 7 years after marrying, spending time with her hubby, before her family grew.

And grew it did...this little guy if you remember (in the photo on the left side of blog in the gray owl cocoon set) was born last year 11.12.13 unique I know, is now one. It seems it's always printed somewhere, no matter what you read, time flies, how fast they grow, and growing he has. 
William loves posing for photographs, and his smile, look out girl's, it's a heart breaker with brown almond shaped eyes, he lights up a room. Happy One Year, little guy, grammie loves you more than you know.

And knowing how much I love William, it's near time for a winter hat, how could I not fall in love with this one. Perfect for grammies little fox who explores everything.

So, I better get crocheting...yes it's here...our first snow of the winter. I would have gone outside and photographed, but, it's bitter cold, in fact, 3 degrees below zero. Burrrrr!