Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gorgeous Crochet Finds

Okay so with the chill factor having our weather around 11 degrees I am up for just trolling the about you?

I stumbled across this blog that has just about everything and thank goodness it can be translated into English. Isn't this rug just the sweetest? I love the detail.

Now as I've mentioned, I am not one who is big on grannie squares, too many holes in the work for me. I remember my mother crocheted a lot of grannie square blankets and yes they were beautiful, yet every time I'd cover myself up, my toes went right through the  wholes. Needless to say that did if for me, I prefer a blanket that actually does the job of keeping me warm. I do however like this skirt, the color combinations and squares layout, and the hem, is just perfect.

I also found this skirt, whee, now don't me going about crocheting with cotton thread, I love it. Items turn out so delicate especially ones like this skirt.  I must make this one if not for me, only because I have no idea how long it will take, but, maybe for my daughter.

This was just gorgeous when I saw it...the flow of the dress is just breath taking isn't it? A beautiful keepsake for any bride, how could it not if you're wondering by now how to find all these patterns...well look no further than here.