Saturday, November 22, 2014

Knitted Blanket Done...

Finally after thinking it may not happen... the darn blanket is finished! Yippy...

I did it, kept a promise to myself that I was not going to start another project... without finishing the one I'm working....and I did it! 

Not much on color which pleases oh so big... is folded in oh so soft...covers two people easily. Knitted in a garter stitch, this gal needed to do a mindless project and the garter was perfect. I can't say it wasn't a huge challenge, the darn thing nearly drove me nuts a couple times. I found and purchased so many new patterns I wanted to dive into, yet, I was determined to finish this one first. So tired of left over projects and trust me there are some, a few, okay maybe more....what can I say, once you find one, it's hard, so very hard not to start it. 

Knitting or for that any project involving yarn can be mind numbing, especially all those loose ends one has to weave in and out, for finishing off. Darn those are frustrating. Kind of like yelling for my butler the past few years for a pop refill and no one shows up...guess the pay wasn't up to par...actually there was no pay. LOL or butler. I just kept hoping the more I'd yell one might appear, yeah right, okay, not rich here and forget asking Santa. Ha Ha!

So there it is in all it's glory ready for the colder winter nights. Hopefully it will stay with me, every time my daughter knows mom has knitted something, it suddenly disappears. This time it's going to be a stand off or I'll hide the darn thing, yeah right, I always show her what I've knitted. Okay, will see for now it's staying right where it's little ole' apartment.

If you'd like to make one...the yarn I used was Lion Brand Thick n Quick...sure is thick but it didn't knit quick. It took about 12 skeins of Oatmeal and 2 of Charcoal. Size 10 circular knitting needles a cast on of 190 stitches. I used 2 skeins before adding the first black stripe and 14 rows in between to the next black stripe...then I just went with how long I wanted it to turn out. That's it, oh and I did finish the edges with a couple rows of single crochet due to the bulk of the blanket.