Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer is Beautiful

I try not to think about the days rolling by as we approach the school season and I get closer to another birthday number. It's really not the number that bothers me as I still feel like a young girl inside,but, the fact remains as the numbers climb life itself gets shorter. Like the days of summer, the sun is setting earlier and earlier,  yet still, it makes me smile. I delight in the sky, although I do love a clear blue sky with a huge ball of sun, I love the clouds. They offer detail like a brush to a plain canvas they make the sky so interesting, especially when photographing. Wow, I just paused to go outside and set my Home Grown Veggie sign back up. The wind is blowing and feels absolutely wonderful as the sky is blue with a few puffs of white clouds, and the sun is shinning, it's amazing,  with the exception of the fact this girl was wearing one pair of sunglasses with another on her shirt. I can't tell you how many pairs I've lost wearing them that way. Thank goodness I am practical and simple in living, loosing cheap sunglasses doesn't feel so bad. Somehow though more seems to find there way back in the house. Mostly due to leaving them in the garden, and that's where I usually am this time of year. It's been a pretty good growing season, I have planted the fall crops which are growing. The tomatoes did okay, not has good as they have done in the past seasons, then nearly everyone is having the same problem, especially organic growers. Zucchini has been in abundance, as were cucumbers, beans, and peppers. Brussel sprouts are still growing beautifully and my lavender is just amazing, in fact, it's my favorite, although I did loose two new ones this year, which is rare. Have yet to figure that one out. But the others are doing beautifully, oh how I love growing and processing lavender, and the dahlia's are just gorgeous among other flowers I am finding randomly.