Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Days...

 It's really hard to believe summer is nearly past us and school is beginning again. The older I get it seems like there is not enough time in a day to get things done. it's almost like life is moving at lightening speed.

I remember when I was young time seemed to just stand still, a day seemed like a week long. Sometimes I miss those days, like a flower in your hand sits there until a breeze gently sweeps by unexpectedly to carry it off, floating like a feather twisting and twirling until it lands. Dahlia's are one of my favorite flowers, they are striking, sturdy, yet perfect they almost seem, and the yellow are just stunning against the green plant. I planted them this year among the veggies in the garden. The bees come in abundance are enjoying these gorgeous flowers.

I plant on the ground, God's Earth, letting nature do what it will like they did hundreds of years ago. Sometimes its a good season, others, can be challenging, yet it's how I like it. I'm not a gal who does her nails, no, I am a gal who loves to feel the dirt in her hands. I dig right in the ground without gloves and pull out the weeds, of course, with the green beans I did add cut up garbage bags to limit the weeding.  

I've been harvesting a lot of green beans, freezing them for eating during the winter months when travels slow down, and the snow keeps the roads from being driven. It was such a bad winter last year I really don't  think I am ready yet, to see snow falling. Nature however, must keep going, changing, and taking us in and out of all her seasons. In the long run spring does feel good after the months of snowfall.

In the meantime, I'll just continue knitting my blanket and making frittata's which I am enjoying with all the fresh veggies from the garden. Gosh, they taste marvelous, so fresh, so full of flavor. Everyone should have a garden even if it's just a small one on your deck, or porch, growing tomatoes, green beans, peas, and all in large pots. Yes, it can be done and the reward in taste is well worth it all.

The final ripening of the season is the concord grapes that surround the yard. These are purple concord and make yummy jelly and juice. Not quite ripe yet, but, they sure do predict the nearness of fall. I have to say summer is one of my least favorite seasons, although the days are beautiful, like winter when it's too cold to go outside, summer seems to be much the same with the heat and humidity. So I opt for spring, and fall with a bit of winter, when knitting, the warmth and glow of a fireplace are peaceful.