Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Knitting Project...

Not to long ago I showed a project I started recently. It's my summer project, the only one I am working on, and making a point to finish. I absolutely refuse to pick up something else until this one is done. This gal needs more self discipline and plans to make a point to finish what I start before taking on another.

I started it due to the weather, which has been kind of odd off and on which thankfully hasn't damaged any of the veggies in the garden. It's been so cool some days I could feel fall settling in saying it was time to knit. 

I am not one to knit throughout the year, I find it most soothing during the fall to spring season. Usually in the spring and summer I garden, the veggies and the lavender which is growing nicely. 
Being warm blooded it's hard to work the yarn in the warm season, at least for me. So I guess one could say I am a seasonal gal when it comes to the hook and needles. The blanket I am working on is done with Lion Brands Thick and Quick although it's not going as quickly as I thought, even working on it daily. I do know I am enjoying the process, love the colors that match my living room and will keep me warm in the winter months. For those who are curious it's a simple garter stitch that offers a soothing rhythm. On #13 circular needles I did a cast on of 190 stitches working back and forth. The plan... simply knit charcoal stripes throughout. 

Thank you for stopping in to read, have a lovely day and enjoy August 1st hardly seems possible fall is not far off.