Friday, May 16, 2014

Making the Baby Quilt

TGIF it's Friday!! Hello dear readers,

Since my post yesterday, and the mentioning of the quilt. I thought I'd give you a peek at what I'm doing the colors and how I plan to put it together.

The colors in this photograph aren't really showing them as they are one gets a better view in the top photograph. Here I am working on setting up the squares for a nice quilt pattern.

This quilt is for Emma Ann the new little one in the first photograph in the last post below. I am planning on doing most of it by hand, finishing off the gray squares with some pink detail so far, not sure. I really do love the colors and the fact they will match her nursery perfectly. I will have to photograph her nursery its so beautiful, the gray's, whites, and pinks. I just love it and this will be a good addition.

So there you have it for Friday, have a wonderful weekend. It's a bit cool here kind of dreary, cloudy and rainy. It's been that way for days. Doesn't help the mood, so I'm doing what I can to stay occupied and not let these days get to me. Enjoy where ever you are, thanks again for visiting.