Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hand Sewing a Quilt...

I've been working on the quilt for little Emma Ann and must add it's going really well, in fact I decided to do it all by hand. Yes, I am hand stitching the entire quilt, no sewing machine at all. Although I have one I get so annoyed at changing everything moving the fabric around and such...and as you know I love the Amish way of life. I do a lot of things around my home just as they do, like washing my clothes, gardening to fill my cabinets to lower cost of groceries. 
I have done extensive research on Amish quilting by hand and have to say I am so much more pleased with the out come of this quilt compared to machine stitching. According to the Amish a machine quilt looses value with time where as a hand stitched gains with time. By hand stitching a quilt also tends to last longer, they should not be washed or stored in plastic only a sheet. Washing a hand stitched quilt is not recommended merely taking it outside after a snow and whipping it up and down against the snow will freshen the quilt.
I can not express how easy and rewarding hand stitching a quilt really is when working on it, not only is it relaxing but also seems quicker. I am really enjoying this quilt and plan on making more the same way. I have the top just about completed, once I get the quilt ready to sew the batting and back together I will show a photograph before the tah-dah moment.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, it's spring and that alone is nice, isn't it?