Thursday, May 15, 2014

Raining Babies

Hello all, I know my posting has been far apart. I'd like to thank all who follow and visit for doing so, its truly from my heart, much appreciated. And with that said.....

It's been raining babies around me, yes in deed, I am a grand mother for the 3rd time in 5 months. All three girl's had babies just months apart. This is Emma Ann, just a day old, she was due the end of May but decided to surprise us all. She arrived May 9th, 2014 this baby girl is a doll, she was so tiny at 6 lbs. 09 oz. I can't remember seeing a baby so small. It's been so long for me it's hard to image the size. Emma Ann belongs to my daughter in law, Amanda, and my second oldest son, Aaron, she is there first born.

Yep, this is my son, Aaron, he is the proud father of Emma Ann. He looks like he's in love, doesn't he? I am so head over heels happy for them. He was due to head to Spain right before she was born, Aaron designs new systems for cars. They send him to other countries to see how cars have advanced and what idea's he can bring back. In a couple weeks it's off to Spain and yes at 31 he is rather gray, gets it from his dad who went all gray by 35, poor guy.

Then there is me, yes I am the grandma to this beautiful little girl. Emma is the second girl in the family, my first grandchildren were boy's. I haven't had a new grand baby in 7 years, the first two boy's are currently 7 and 11. I too am head over heels in love with this little girl!!!

I took all the photographs with my Cannon Rebel here is Camilla Marie, finally home from the NICU last week. She finally but on the pounds she needed to come home, she was in the NICU for 6 weeks. What a blessing she is to the family and to her brothers, my first grand children. She was my very first grand daughter. I am so happy and head over heels in love with her!!! Oh, and I set the camera for this photo on monochrome/black and white. Isn't it just gorgeous?

And finally her mom, Shawna, my daughter in law to my oldest son, Adam. They now have 3 gorgeous children, two boy's and this little girl, Camilla Marie. As you can see it's been a busy time with babies and grandma trying to keep up with blankets, knitting, etc. for them all. All the girl's the first being my daughter to have William on November 12, 2013 are asking me for anything handmade. Although Shawna in the photograph made it very clear... no more pink.

So there they are, I will keep you posted. Currently I am putting together a pink and gray quilt for Emma. Oh, its going to be beautiful and goes with her nursery so well. I can't wait to finish it. I also have three baby blankets to make. Thanks to Kate at Just Pootling for posting her blanket pattern for me. Pop over and check it out all done in garter stitch, she's one talented girl and very nice at that, she left a comment on my last post. Thank you so much, Kate!