Friday, February 21, 2014

Sunny Days and Creating

  The past few days have been sunny, the snow is finally melting and it nice to see the green grass underneath after months of just seeing white everywhere. Although the sun is shinning it still feels like winter and a long hibernating winter it has been for so many people this season. It was so nice to feel the ground under my feet today instead of tracking through tons of snow. I've been creating away, cutting fabric, running it through the sewing machine. Today though I took a break from everything and decided just to enjoy the day, relax.
Baby William is growing so fast, it seems once they get to the 3 month mark, they are 1 before we know it. I look at him and see so much life ahead of him, and wonder what it will be...he looks a lot like his daddy, his smile belongs to his mommy. He's been giggling a lot, jibber jabber, a little noise maker at such a young age. He is a happy baby so his mommy tells me and a good baby. How is it they grow so fast in just a blink of of an eye they are 18. There are two more babies arriving soon, two more tiny faces, the first of the girl's for this grandma. But that's okay, as there is room in my heart for them all.