Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beautiful and Free Baby Pattern

My grandson "William" keeps getting more beautiful. The truth...
I believe every new life is beautiful. After sending me this photograph my daughter said, "I just hope he's happy. I know he's so love by us, I just hope he's happy." Does he look happy to you? To me he does. As a mom myself, I have to say I've never seen a mother as involved in how a child feels, as the mother of this child. Once a first time mom myself, I don't ever remember saying, I just hope he's happy. I am incredibly proud of my daughter, she's so much more engaged in how her son feels, and that to me is it's truly amazing.

So I added this Free Pattern for all today. I think these are just adorable. Enjoy the pattern and have a wonderful day.

Sizes - Newborn to 3 months (3 to 6 months)


1- 1 3/4 oz/50gm ball
(approx. 131 yards/120mm)
of Rowan/Westminster Fibers Organic Cotton
naturally dyed DK in 986 Natural
weight (3)
Small amount of blue cotton yarn for embroidery
Size 4 (3.5mm) needles
Size B/1 (2.25mm) crochet hook

garter stitch
stockinette stitch
K2 tog, k3 tog
crochet chain stitch
straight stitch

24 sts to 4"/10cm over St
st using size 4 (3.5mm) needles

Using the size 4 needles, cast on 35 (39) sts and knit 1 row.
Continuing in garter st, inc every 2 rows as follows:
Next Row - k1, inc1, k 16, (18), inc 1, k1, inc 1, k 16 (18), inc 1, k1.
Next Row - k2, inc 1, k16 (18), inc 1, k3, inc 1, k16, (18), inc 1, k2.
Next Row - k3, inc 1, k16 (18), inc 1, k5, inc 1, k16 (18), inc 1, k3
Next Row - k4, inc 1, k16 (18), inc 1, k7, inc 1, k16 (18), inc 1, k4. 
you will have 55 stitiches.
Continue in garter stitch for 10 rows, Bind off.

Cast on 12 (14) sts and work in garter st for 4 rows. 
Next Row - switch to stockinette st and work straight for 5, (3) rows.
Nest Row - With RS facing, sl 1, k1, psso, knit until 2 sts remain, k2tog.
Work 1 straight row.
Larger size only - Repeat the last 2 rows once.
Next Row (row 6 (12)) Sl 1, k2tog, k2, k3tog,-6 sts remain.
Work one row straight.

Sew up the sole and back of the shoe, followed by the upper. Using
the crochet hook, work 100 chain sts for a tie and fasten off. Fold
the tie in half and attach the fold at the top of the heel. Follow the design 
below to embroider the flower in straight stitch. Complete a second,