Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What's going on...

Thought I would pop in as it's been awhile since I've posted. The grand baby "Will" is growing today he is 3 months already. I have two grand baby girl's due to arrive soon, the first of any girl's, one is due the first week of April and the other the end of May.

I've been doing more sewing and have abandoned the knitting or crocheting for awhile. I needed a break, both seem to take awhile to complete once a project is started, and winter seems like it's been so long this year, I just needed to stop the yarning.

 I feel the need to garden, get outside, but the weather, well, let's just say enough is enough this year. It's the cold that seems to be the hardest, it hasn't been this cold in decades. Makes it difficult to want to get out and stroll the world. Everything is just so frozen...I don't believe I will be complaining this year if the summer is warmer than usual after all this cold weather.

Once I get photographs done I will post what I've been sewing, I did mention some pillow cases and yes there are a lot, some with worn fabric flower attached. Let's just say I'm on a roll working with the fabric and some of it be colorful makes it seem more like spring!