Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yummy Yarn Arrived...

I hope this is finding all who had to weather the frigid cold temperatures safe and a bit more mobile. I was finally able to find my way to the mailbox at the end of the driveway after this Polar Vortex thing. 
Personally I believe anything named Polar should stay right were it's at in the Polar. The road are somewhat thawed, I can still hear tires spinning trying to leave the stop light. My deck and stairway down to the ground are frozen 2 inches plus thick, and the driveway is a sheet of ice great for ice skating, if I had a pair of ice skates. It's a test of ones patients to get through 4 days of such cold even though you're inside it seems to penetrate the walls, the chill consuming my body. I just stayed wrapped in a blanket the whole time lying on the couch watching TV. It was that incredibly cold at least for me, especially when the business below my tiny apartment is no longer in use. The whole first floor I was told by the owners was frozen, the furnace was out. Twice I heard a huge bang as they tried to get the furnace running again. They turned off the gas after the two loud bangs, called me to tell me it was nothing other than the black soot shooting out like in the movie "A Christmas Story" which reminds me today on the news I heard of a young 12 year old girl who licked a pole in her yard and was stuck to the pole for 15 minutes. Her mother checking on her in the yard found her stuck to the pole grabbed warm water to release her tongue. Although it's sad her tongue will be swollen for 6 months I could help but laugh as it reminded me of the "Christmas Story." As you can see in the mailbox was the yarn I ordered the week the storm was due to hit our area. Waiting to get out I'm sure...It was a nice surprise especially when I opened the box pulled the luscious "Drops Lima Yarn" oh so soft! What am I going to make, I am thinking a warm blanket in case the Polar Vortex decides to visit again. Arg!