Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 10 Knitting Blogs 2013 - 2014

After blogging for a bit over a year and trolling through the sphere of knitting blogs in internet land, I ask myself this...Wonderful Blogs are a dime a dozen, right? Not even close!

 My adventures in knitting rather than crocheting all the time as found me at a rather disappointing realization. Just as fast as I typed in on Google the terms "knitting blogs" into the search box, while they were loading. I reflected back on some of my favorite blogs from when I first became more interested in knitting. I was intrigued to find many very active bloggers who are still present many years later. I was also surprised as I clicked through some of the links and realized a handful of knitting blogs from the first few pages haven't seen any action in quite some time. And, maybe skip in and out, as many blogs seemed to do, with random posts weeks or months apart. 

In effort to keep my own personal blog going I decided before I started blogging to dedicate myself to posting as often as possible and not leave lengthy gap times. Some things may be interesting, some maybe not so... I am learning along the way, by not only posting but providing better more interesting quality photographs. Now mind you, I am not going outside in subzero temperatures to randomly search for interesting content.  I can also express as an empty nester in a tiny apartment there is not much interesting content going on daily. Besides knitting...there is only me to cook for, and let me say after years of doing it all the time for a family of 7....I think I've had enough.

In an effort to support the blogs I admire and with time, trials, and errors, hope to not only show my own finished knitting's, but to create my own knitting patterns. Here are the top 10 knitting blogs according to Google this morning (all have been updated within the last two weeks) I hope you find some old favorites as well as new knitting blogs you can enjoy this year. These are blogs who keep posting updated.


* Search term “knitting blogs” was utilized.