Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Jewels of Nature...

I've never been a girly, girly, one who had to have fingernails, trips to the salon, perfumes, and jewelry.
Unlike my daughter who is the ultimate girly, girly, I admire those that are...As much as I have tried I am better off simple and practical. Not that I don't admire the designs of fake fingernails, they've come such a long way from when I was young.

 I like to use my hands, dig into the dirt, grab clay and mold it into something other than it was... But every now and then I come across a jewelry designer that sets herself apart and puts her whole being into the design.

Jillian is one of them. She travels among nature with her firefighting hub, in a little silver vintage caravan from the 60's which is her work shop.

Her jewelry pieces are amazing all inspired by nature with detail that expresses that nature in every piece she creates.

Like this one that is amazing! It's what pulls me into her jewelry, the nature, the designs, her travels on her blog which is in my blog list. "The Noisy Plume " it's by far hard not to be inspired if not by her jewelry but her life and amazing photographs. Julie inspires my days, lifts them up and offers a soothing everyday beauty of nature. It's hard not to feel a sense of zen. Her words are soothing, inspiring, with poems that will draw you in with her choice of words. She has a tremendous spirit that will drawl you in to her world.

Nature is a part of us all, but for me, it's in my soul, it's a connection on a greater spiritual level. It's a huge part of who I am. Although I love the change of seasons it images like these that where I live are hard to find on these snowy, very cold days. I am a gal who raised around horses most of my life, loves the freedom and the beauty nature brings to us every season. Winter is the hardest for me, as I am sure it is for many people. I long for walks in the woods, to touch the trees, smell the fresh air and inhale the beauty.

Pop on over to "The Noisy Plume" it's an enchanting experience, including her amazing jewelry.