Sunday, January 26, 2014

Long Ruffled Standard Pillow Cases

Hello dear readers, happy Sunday!

Friday night I pulled out my old sewing machine and when I say old, I'm talking it's been with me since the early 90's. I've thought about upgrading a couple times, however, being the practical gal I am it's here to stay.

I know technology has come a long way with sewing machines the new ones seemed to do just about anything you want them to these days. Just about any darn stitch, and so many other fancy things. For me, well, I like the simple ways, so I sat down this weekend and did a bit of sewing. 

Making a few pillow cases out of some Osnaburg fabric 45" wide which I've had stored away for quite awhile.

I really had no idea what I was going to do with the fabric, it was on sale so I snagged it up. In fact I bought the entire bolt. I just took the photographs this morning the light wasn't the best and I haven't been studying any of the gadgets my new camera can do, shame on me.

I've actually been taking it easy this past week. Watching movies like The Butler, which was so good and just hanging out with my cat, Bella. She likes when I just lay back, if I'm busy she stays away and really doesn't like it has her own way of letting me know.

I am going to list some of the long ruffled pillow cases in my Ewenique Farm Goods shop here in my blog. They are Osnaburg, pre-washed fabric, fits standard pillows. All the seams are done with a French seam so there is absolutely no fraying that can occur. The ruffle is 12" long, the pillow displaying this particular pillow case is quite a bit worn and the stuffing is a bit flat. These will fit any standard pillow form easily, measures 20" by 26 to end of pillow as a standard pillow size then has the additional 12" ruffle.

I've also purchased some Cream Wheat House Check Homespun Fabric (above) will be making some long ruffled pillow cases with this fabric. They will be listed for sale also, along with the same fabric in Black Check H 54. I just love the homespun fabrics these are very high quality fabrics. Along with these I will be adding quality solid white and cream cotton fabric these will have 18" ruffles. The prices will be 49.95 for the Osnaburg set of two and 59.95 for the Homespun set of two all standard sizes. The Cream and White's will be 25.00 per long 12" ruffle pillow case.

Thanks for stopping in today and reading, have a great day!