Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crochet, Knitting Patterns and Other Goodies

Hello dear readers, it nice of you to stop by...

I've been sewing pillow cases here and there, making different lengths of ruffled edges, this is the latest which is 14" long. All done with french seams, I am a bit excited as I thought of something really cool and redesigned the pillow case. I haven't had the chance to work on it yet, due to a bit of an accident I had earlier this week where my nose nearly broke, my eyes are black and blue, nose is swollen, and let's just say this girl is in a bit of pain. 

I've also been experimenting with the camera taking photographs on different settings, etc.

Let's just say with a painful face, neck and head, the photographing isn't going that well either.  I seem to be enjoying the low light and lying on the couch.

Looking at my latest addition to the family, 4 Betta fish, 3 males and a female. I love the ambiance of these tanks I found on Ebay all battery operated. The fourth Betta is without a light in the middle, see the glass vase? He's waiting for his new tank. With the snow consuming the winter along with the cold air I felt I needed a vacation by the ocean. Okay well sorta...

The tank also has a setting for moon light which I love I can sit at night with the lights out and enjoy the blue moon light in the back ground which is soothing. I've also been trolling the net, finding odd things...

Like, what this girl did with an over sized tee shirt is amazing. One tee shirt equals a cute little dress!
Who would have thought...

Then I stumbled on to these gloves on Ravelry. Aren't they the cutest? Flip your hands up you can tell your sweetie "I Love You" I have to make a pair of these!

Although I am not a fan of crocheted bags, this one just caught my attention over at Sarah London's website. There is a pattern for this cute bag if you pop over.

Then this was my all time favorite especially for Valentine's Day. A DIY project so simple anyone can do this...go ahead and give it a whirl made out of a candy heart looks so beautiful doesn't it? 

There you have it what this gal's been up to...mostly resting until the nose heals. I thought about crocheting or knitting but there is so much I need to finish, so much I want to start, and when that happens, what's a gal to do, nothing.