Friday, January 24, 2014

Crocheted Nordic Shawl Pattern

I am not a big fan of crocheted garments that are worn, maybe it's due to the era I was raised. It seemed as a young girl, every mother, grandmother I knew was crocheting. Mostly the dolls that turned upside down, lots of wash clothes, pot holders, and especially lace dollies which I am not a fan of at all. I was turned off by crocheting anything, with the exception of blankets, and even back then they didn't thrill me. The holes left in a lot of crocheting was another thing that bothered me, it seemed the cool air found it's way through those little places. 

As I have grown, and especially since the Internet, (which I like and don't for varies reasons) I've seen garments crocheted in a different way. Sadly, I am still not really fond of many, not that they aren't beautiful, often I find myself in a tiny way feeling like my daughter, it seems to be an elderly thing to do. Now, don't get snappy I said, in a tiny way. Here in America, most of us do not decorate with crocheted items as they do in European Countries. It was simply the potholder here and there or the lace dollies under a lamp, or on a table. And in my personal opinion only, I believe in many Countries in Europe they don't follow decorating trends, they love the handmade home.

As you know I crocheted a V shawl myself last fall, put it on walked outside and whee did the cool wind go through the holes. Maybe I have the wrong idea of what a shawl is or how to wear one, who knows. I do know when I found this one I feel in love with the colors the somewhat closed stitching, the all around look was so appealing. This Nordic Shawl is from My Rose Valley, a blog I pop in and out of during the week and must add the brilliant green grass in the background is so making me want spring. Yet the shawl is one I know I am going to make for sure, only in these colors, truly love the colors and will go with more of my clothing collection, which is not fancy or colorful. I don't know how they do it in Europe, using all colors seem to coordinate beautifully in there handmade homes.

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE - there is a really good button band tutorial here for knitters.