Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What People really want!

Okay so you think you've entered a blog about knitting, creating, free things, because we all want free things, don't we? Isn't that why we troll the blogs especially the creative ones. We want to take, whatever we can from whoever will give it...we all know why people blog, they're looking mostly for money. The blogs that are actually on here just talking about there life, their day, or just sharing there creative side, how many really care? The ones without comments those are the blogs I read. Then, of course, we have blogs that are trying to sell things, they want your money, and will say the sweeties things to get's called written marketing, type it, make it sound good. 

Me, I'm a person who tells it like it is, you either like me or you don't, there is no in Dr. Suess says, "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." That's exactly how life works, in times of troubles you really find out who doesn't mind.
My father once said, in your entire life, you will be able to count your real friends, not on your fingers, but on the trials in your life."  What a wise man and a very missed one.

Before winter I was in my garden preparing my lavender for the snow to come...out of nowhere the neighbors dog came running to me, I stood up gave him a pat and heard a voice I didn't recognize call his name. She said, that's lavender right, I said, yes, she ask, how do you get it to grow. I explained and with that I said, oh, you must be Ed's mother. She replied, yes, I am sure they've told you I am not social. No, they actually just said you live over there..Well, I am not social I hate people, they talk about you when you walk away, they gossip about everyone, don't help anyone, and always want something. I've had one really good friend all my life and visit her at the nursing home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as she walked away. As I stood watching I knew what she meant and how she I am sure many of you reading can relate. If not your one of the lucky ones...but life isn't over yet.

Yesterday in a store...I was getting a cart for my groceries, getting ready to shop. As I put my gloves in my pocket a young girl walks up with two small children. She took the wheel chair, said I've been on my feet all day it's time you kids push me for awhile. I turned around said, excuse me, what if someone comes in that really needs the wheel chair. In less than a second, I heard, it's none of your business bitch.

I've been through a lot in my life, and bitch is a word that seems to fly out of many mouths freely, these days. Let's just say, I knew what kind of person in that one sentence I was dealing with...I stood my ground thought, oh no you didn't, not in my world, not the one I grew up in...I don't care how advanced we've become respect is a given in the public arena.

I looked at her...said really, is that how you respond in front of your children..within seconds it was bitch mind your own F**king business. I again looked at her, said how sad, someone dropped the ball on you as a child. Again it was Bitch go away.

It wasn't long before her mother, as she let me know, came around the corner. I've never seen someone so infuriated, so upset, she was shaking...with her finger in my face, she said, don't you talk to my daughter, don't you say anything to my daughter, you don't know her, I have custody of her children. Wow, I stood there and thought you have custody of her children, this isn't sounding good. I opened my mouth with this...okay, you dropped the ball, you failed, don't take it out on me...and by the way take your finger out of my face, before I break it, and give you a really good reason to leave the store...and I walked away, of course not without her following me. I turned said, lady, don't press your luck, my tolerance for people is short, best you just walk away, hear me. And with that it was what's the point?

By now you've noticed the photo above....the movie Instinct with two wonderful, well respected Actors. You can read about it here just click and paste in browser. A movie truly worth watching to get a better understand of life, freedom, the mind of the human race, the amazing connection of humans to gorilla's, so many life lessons can be learned from this movie, only if you're open minded for if you're a follower in life, one may not walk away with any meaning from this movie other than it was okay. When it's over, ask yourself what you've learned, then ask yourself who you really are....Love is a given, but there is something more powerful.

Ethan Powell : We have only one thing to give up. Our dominion. We don't own the world. We're not kings yet. Not gods. Can we give that up? Too precious, all that control? Too tempting, being a god?