Monday, December 16, 2013

A Little Bluebird Memories Surface

Good evening dear readers, as you know with me being spontaneous you'll never know when I will pop in and write a post. Here I am as I type watching The Voice and bringing you this gorgeous sparkling bluebird I found today....

as I was shopping making my way in the bitter's so winter! And this little bird, oh how I love birds and he is sparkling.

His big bright eyes...the shades of blues as they glitter in the light.

Proudly he sits upon a silver stretch band ring. Measuring in at just under an inch tall and 1 1/4 inch across. The photo does him no the camera gal is still struggling to learn her new digital camera to bring you better quality photographs. OMG, I just love Christina Aguilera, the tone, pitch, the runs, the gritty vocals are just beautifully combined...amazing. Speaking of The Voice who do you think will win? I will give my selection based on what I hear...I believe the winner will be Tessa.  Okay, Okay, I went off track, give me a break I'm no spring chicken, I am the woman of the nest! LOL! One day I will have to pull out the photographs of me in my early years in a band called Incognito. Yes, I traveled for 3 years all over the U.S. playing keyboard and singing backup vocals. When I look at those days in picture they bring back smiles, good memories of a time long passed. The largest crowd we ever played to was 800 people.

Oh's the photograph!

Memories, it's all we have as the days go by....This is us Incognito, from left to right...Michael lead vocals/bass player, front Johnny lead singer/drummer, behind on left, me keyboards/background vocals, to my right Angie lead vocals/stage front performer, and what an incredible voice came out of that little 19 year old girl, it was amazing the notes she could hit. Next to her BJ our lead guitar player, so awesome, tailored himself after Stevie Ray Vaughn the runs this man could do were incredible. Big hair days for us gals! We were in Iowa in this photograph. It was always a dream of mine to be on stage in a band and out of no where it just happened, which proves if you dream hard enough, and believe those dreams, they really do come true.