Sunday, December 15, 2013

Little White Lies....

Hello to all on this snowy day, the wind is howling, blowing snow like a snow globe turned upside down, across the field. Mother nature seems to be letting us know it's Winter a bit earlier this year. I fear this is just the tip of what's to come after her gracious two year break in the snowy cold weather. My lavender plants are buried in a perfect layer of white and the pine trees dressed so neatly, no one could of done it any better...the beauty of nature. She tells us the truth always...she does what she's going to do despite what we think, it's her task, her land, she is to care. As I sit here typing I'm watching Christmas shows,  the warmth of the season, festive colorful tables, the subtle lights that sparkle like fairies, and gatherings of friends and family. Fairies, tales of tiny ones lighting the way as they fly in the night, the myths of so many wonderful images we live in and believe, they make our hearts warm and comfort us in there fantasy take us away from our daily life. I understand the myths, the stories written in books, put to film, let us know exactly that...they are myths. I sat this morning as all the Christmas shows, and shoppers fill the season I had a question, one that I have ponder for many years. Out of all the species God has put on this earth, humans are the only species that tell little white lies, as we call them. Somehow if they're little white lies they're not so terribly wrong or are they? I think of my oldest grand son, Brennan, who is 10, a year ago he discovered by accident Santa did not exist. He ask his dad, why did you lie to me, you said lying was something I shouldn't do because people get hurt, and lies you can't hide because the truth come out.  His father replied, it's part of what Christmas is all about began to try and explain. Then Brennan said, I thought Christmas was about the birth of baby Jesus, and with that he said, dad, Jesus wasn't born on Christmas Day, I googled and it's not the truth, so why do you lie to me? My son called me and said how do I answer this mom. I simply said, be honest, talk to him tell him what you know and speak from the heart. Why do we... think it's okay, okay to say Santa is real, the Easter Bunny exist, there is a tooth fairy, yet it seems the only truth of a Holiday we tell is that of Thanksgiving.  Are little white lies really any different then a lie itself? And if we think they are, is it okay? Think back in your life about the tooth fairy, Santa, the Easter  bunny and how do you feel? For me the white lies are over, the children are grown, I ask myself, would I do it the same if I had a chance to do it over, would I tell them the truth. I can only say this, I have a long time friend, Kim, who is a Jehovah Witness it does not bother was her choice and  not mine to question. As I watched her kids grow over the years along side of mine...I have noticed a difference, one that I can not explain only one you would have to see for yourself. Her children live in the real world, the world as it really exist. I can not say they do not lie... I do not know...but what I do know... they don't question as many things concerning there surroundings and the world in aging.... like those of us who have been told those little white lies. So yes, I would do it different...I would have told my children the truth...but that's just me. I would have told them Santa is like a fairy, he is a character in a story, a character that simply makes the story more interesting and colorful with his Ho, Ho, Ho.
With that said, I hope your day is a good one, you're finding warmth, and the visits of family heartfelt, along with many blessings, as this Holiday Season counts down to it's final days. 
Thank you once again for taking time to stop in and read my blog :0)