Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rainy Day Crafting...

It's a rainy day today, we're at about 47 degrees with the rain making for a bit of chill in the air, even though the winds not blowing. I still see beauty in this day, the way the green pines stand out now, with the woods bare of there leaves. The first snow I will take a walk in the woods, it's so beautiful and peaceful. It's what keeps me grounded in this fast pace world.
I've already started crafting for the day, a bit outside I grabbed some more grapevines to wrap around the deck for the Holidays. I bought a couple really nice solar powered lanterns which I've attached to the deck corners. I will snap a photo later today (hopefully) when I finish decorating between the bits of rain. This is suppose to be our last warmest day of the month, so I am getting the deck done.
My crafting started early this morning.. with a really nice jar, in fact, I had a set of three purchased in the 80's, one was broke moving, leaving me two, until I decided to use one to hold small tools for the house, which was not the best idea.
After putting back a screw driver I learned the glass was not as thick as I thought...I was a bit saddened as I've had the jars for so long not to mention they are really nice.
So today it hit me...why not use the hole and make a cool night light.
I had some lights laying around 50 per package...the only problem I didn't know they were covered in brown silicone. By the way read the back of your package with Holiday Lights...there is a warning that reads, they contain lead and handling them may cause cancer. It says to wash your hands after handling. Surprising isn't it.... So I tucked the lights inside after adding some grapevines and thought hmmm...
Why not make this a really smelly project, nice smelly that I took the roll from my paper towels clipped off a piece...
added a couple drops of my favorite scent lemon verbena. The cardboard will hold the oil well and the heat from the lights will put more scent in the air...
oh and by the way, if you add some to your toilet paper roll it will keep your bathroom smelling nice all the time, and your guests asking, how does your bathroom always smell so nice.
After adding the drops to the card board I took a piece of tape and attached it to the inside of the jar.
I plugged in the lights end to end and actually hid that awful light switch, wrapped the top with twine for a bit of rustic feel and my little fox found his home.
I was a bit surprised though when the lights were a bit orange, and rightly so with them being covered in brown silicone. I'm going to see if I like it tonight when it's dark. I like that it's dark early, I love the autumn and winter night.
Meanwhile...a week ago someone had cut the grapevines so I used the good branches, after cleaning up the mess they left...
And made a's 3 ft by 3 ft. needs a bit more added for fullness... maybe if the weather holds I will add more vines.
Off to finishing my owl sweater if it's not raining my deck first!! Thanks again for visiting, with winter about here, there will be more creative posting to come.