Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Grand Baby Has Arrived...

Meet William Carter C. " Baby Will"
My third grand baby made his way into the world. Birthday 11/12/13 weird isn't it...Weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. - 21" long. And what a cutie! I had forgotten how small a newborn really is...especially with the last grand baby born, who is now 6 years old. And now this little one, so tiny, so new, so much ahead of him, I just couldn't stop watching as my daughter hovered over him. Not missing a sound, a movement, a facial expression, she was completely mesmerized, and so in love you could see, by her new baby boy. She looked at me and said, Mom, I don't want to miss a moment with him, I want to watch him every single second.
She swaddles him so tightly in his little blankets, wrapped tight like a little burrito. A technique Will's daddy has down pat. I watched has she spoke to him in such a soft voice...telling me...I wonder what he will look like a year from now...when he's all grown up, she said, I keep trying to imagine what he will look like all grown up. A very familiar question I too had ask and wondered the day she was born. There she is sitting in the hospital rocker looking beautiful, despite the fact she had just given birth, and all natural too. No medications after many unsuccessful attempts to administer an epidural. She did it!
 I look at her and think my baby just had a baby. So incredible different from a daughter in law, such a amazingly close feeling and one awesomely new experience. I always tell people don't have a girl, they are so demanding, whinny, and verbal, yet as I watched her with her own, I now understand the connection. It's also amazing how much the camera likes her....both her hubby and I agreed. She knows how to express herself to a camera lens, so proud, and in love, she is, with that little guy!
And this guy...her hubby...was so amazingly patient, and attentive to them both. I don't believe I have ever seen a father so involved in all ways, so soon. I was in aw and impressed at his ability to know exactly what to do in every moment she held him, he knew just by her sounds, when she was becoming frustrated with the new nursing method. He just got up and guided her patiently.  I could see it in so many ways, how much he had grown, matured and took noticed of his wife and son. I was always worried, he did 3 tours in Iraq in the early years of the war as a Marine sniper. His third tour he was commander of his brigade and on his second tour loosing his best friend to an IED. He came back a very quite, yet angry and cocky young man. But there has been a change with age and now as a father he is humbled. What a team they I watched the rhythm, the understanding of each other in the simple ways they communicated. Waiting 7 years for this little guy, building there careers, him a police officer for the Veterns Hospital and her a radiographer. They managed to put together funds to let daddy stay home with his new son for a month. Good job I say to them both...I see this union lasting a lifetime.
And now on to more big news....I am to be a grand mother again in April to the first baby girl of the clan. And with that said...
Happy Birth Day, little Will, there is much love around you, and I am sure, more to come.
"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have Peace"
Thomas Paine