Monday, November 11, 2013

Are they really Candles...

What do you think?
The other day I went shopping with my son and grand son's, I really enjoy any time I get to spend with them. The youngest, Owen, is 6... I so wish I would have photographed him, we just found out he needed glasses. I can't tell you how adorable he look, especially in his, John Lennon, glasses. I just couldn't stop watching, he just thought he was so cool, and handsome, and so proud...see grammie (as they call me) wears glasses to read, he's been so obsessed with the way they look, saying I wanna wear glasses like grammie. Well...we thought it was just something he wanted, but, it turned out much to our surprise, he really did need them. 
Anyway, Owen and I went our way, started looking at candles, and found myself somewhat baffled, especially by where technology has taken us. From plug ins, to electric candles, to battery operated, and now to battery operated candles with flickering lights and moving flames. I have to admit I do like the appearance of this particular set with the detailed scrolls. They were on sale, so I purchased them, thought okay, I'll give them a try after all I love to learn and try new things.
They're a set that flickers, has a 5 hour timer that runs on two triple A batteries and last 100 hours. So I loaded them up, turned them on and thought...okay...I don't get it. The light is not nearly as bright, sure they flicker, but nothing like I thought. At least not this set, then last night while trolling the TV looking for something interesting, anything to get those brain cells moving and absorbing, I stumbled across this...
A candle created by Disney on QVC, where the actual flame moves around and does give the illusion of a candle wick flickering. Now I've seen these at are local craft shop, they are the same Luminara brand. Knowing the girls at the shop we took one in the employee's room turned out the lights. I must say these are much better then the ones above, yet again, don't throw off the light like a natural candle. I have to say when I found out they took two D batteries my eyes lite up. I totally understand they are safer than a real candle, and for most no worries... or are there....being a person who likes to live a simple life, I do my best in every way to think about the planet, and what we are doing to nature, let alone our children's future. We tend to live in the moment not thinking about the future, the consequences of our choices which directly effect our children.
I completely understand the effects a natural candle when lite can do to a child..yet isn't it our responsibility as parents to take precaution's. Candles have been used for centuries with very little effect on the environment or our children...okay, okay, sure they produce soot but, have been proven to be less effective on our planet and humans.
Batteries comprise of many toxic chemicals and elements such as lead, mercury, nickel & cadmium. If not properly disposed, these elements enter the environment and accumulate over generations causing disease, defects and poisoning. When incinerated, some types of metals found in batteries may be released into the air, and that is the air us humans breathe. Those metals can also concentrate in the ash which is produced by the combustion process.
For me that's a huge deal...knowing what I know about the actual candle flames and what they omit  is far less than batteries, that are used 100 times more often (in tons of items) then an actual candle flame. I personally do not burn pillars and at times when I do, I've always use them on plates and enclosed in glass, but for me, my favorite are tea lights and oil lamps. Tea lights will put themselves out when finished and the tiny tin enclosure makes them safe and reusable. I keep tea light wicks on hand, along with beeswax to refilled them, to use over and over...This one above is my favorite tea light burner. I keep 3 on my coffee table in different heights, and to give them a rustic appeal I took some twine wrapped the bottom. I also like the plug in scent burners like the one in the photograph, why, I love the way I can take the aroma oils, put a few drops in, and the bulb warms the oil, and the scent is lasting and wonderful. One aroma bottle goes along.....way.
So for me personally, I will stick with actual candles, after all they've been used since the beginning of time, and have the least effect on our children and the planet, which I dearly love and appreciate.
Along with yarn and knitting.....yup....I've been knitting away, and loving it with every item I make, even though when learning new stitches and other new things making some not turning out as expected. I am happy...what am I knitting? A newborn receiving blanket which will have a matching hat and if follow my blog, the pattern came from here. The hat is just going to be similar to this one...I can't tell you how many things I have knitted for my grand son who hasn't arrived yet, and is driving his mother crazy with the coming and goings of contractions. Oh, and by the way, the aroma oils last a very, very, long time in my plug for me I am going to stay with burning natural candles, it's really nice in the winter to turn out the lights, burn the oil lamp, candles and knit away. Something I plan on doing until next planting season. I am game on for moving forward and trying more intermediate and advanced knitting patterns.
With all that said, this is simply a post of my opinion on the new advancement in candles. My goal in life is to do the best I can to leave the smallest carbon footprint, for our children's future and the planet.
Thanks for stopping by!