Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frustrating Creative Knitting Days...

Hello all, nice to have you visit!
It's been a couple days of consistent, frustrating, exhausting, yet needful, creative days.
It all started with this pattern... a simple little easy to follow receiving blanket drove me CRAZY. With my daughter's due date for the little one to arrive, I've been frantically adding to the collection of things in her surprise package, which needs to go out real soon! I can not count how many times I started this blanket with this lovely cashmere ivory blend, so dreamy soft, 50gm skeins. I've been collecting them over the past two years little by little and really dug in when they were discontinued by Lion Brand. I had plans to make myself a blanket or sweater coat, yet as the pile gathered, nothing seem to come of the skeins. OMG...stop, my brain has derailed, and I am having trouble spelling the most simple words!! Note to self...start writing and reading more...note from brain...I'll create when I want, buzz off with the lets read and write stuff...the hands want to move. LOL!
Needless to say the blanket starts never lead to an end..Why..the yarn although worsted feels more like a DK weight and doubling it was too much for this pattern. Actually for me!
So I moved on...
rightly so, I was not about to begin that darn pattern again. Although not a quitter, frustration was the best indication to drop it and move on... and that I did right to this adorable pattern by Tot Toppers by Kate Oates. I just love her patterns and this one, whee, was off the charts for me. Actually I think the baby being so darn cute really added to this adorable Stipey Duffle Coat. It's it the bee's knees? Just makes you want to pick up that little one and squeeze the cute right out of him. Oh how I love newborns the epitome of what nature can do, the innocence, a pure soul untouched by society, so fragile, yet so undeniably loved by everyone.
And although adorable it drove me more CRAZY than the first one...oh how I wanted to make this sweet little coat. I gave it my all, my best, my time, all of it and nothing :0(
Why...take at close look at the yarn..it's roving, that's right roving. Worsted yes, but, roving. It made me miserable and it wasn't just that..nope...if you don't follow my blog and have just stumbled across it well let me explain...I have trouble reading patterns, well the ones that are for the really experienced knitter. I have to really sit down and treat it like a school Theseus. Literally I have to re- write it in my own language so I can comprehend what I need to do, and with this one, well, lets just say it didn't happen.
 All that really happened was more frustration...and me yelling darn...well kinda darn.
And as the saga continued where did I end up?
Right back at square one, yup that's right, square one and what a dozy. I decided to go back to the blanket idea where all this frustration began and design my own. That's right, you heard it right! Now it's not a huge deal, nope, a simple garter stitch with the colours of the babies room. Not being a fancy, frilly, girly, flowers, and jewlery gal. It's hard for me to do fancy...and rightly so the baby is a boy so it was easy. Yeah right, okay, whatever...stop the insantity, of knitting back and forth, and back and forth...now I am going really CRAZY. But I am sticking it out and going to finish this one with every frustrated back and forth rhythm in my body.
And while I'm doing it, my brain is screaming give me a challenge, please! So as I knit, I am jotting things down on how I can make this something more than a blanket, yes, something more interesting, useful, not that blankets aren't, but, I need a challenge. I just don't know what it will be, yet.
Although the back and forth is so boring at times...I do it all for love and that makes it worth the painful, back and forth mentally. You see, when we have children, no matter how crazy they drive us, or how painful it is when they are hurting at any age, we do what are heart tells us. And more so, when they are at an age, when they're building there own family, do we focus more on the love, we are not so much teachers, we are humbled by life, our jobs now handed over to there next journey, are we able to focus on just the love. And that is awesome!
The blanket is going to see it's end, how, who knows...just as when I bought the cashmere ivory yarn..did I know it would all be used on a little boy waiting to meet his, mommy, and daddy.
My life seems to go that way...so I'm not surprised that when I pick up something and keep it for years, it already knows what it's to become. Wouldn't it be nice if life was that easy for us, to be born, and already know what we are to become. Then again, that might be... boring.
Have a creative week and when frustration sets in...just keep on keeping on...it's all we can do!

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