Sunday, October 6, 2013

What An Awesome Find!

This Old Door....
Yesterday I went browsing in the old sheds outside and stumbled across this old door up on the beams in the feed shed. Covered in tons of dirt on top I knocked it off quickly, stood out of the way as as it fell. Who knows what all was on top, all I know is dirt was flying, paint chips were all over the place...all I kept saying out loud was ew! Being solid wood I thought for sure it was going to be heavy much to my surprise it was quite light. It's a very narrow door so I thinking maybe an old closet door, maybe a pantry door. All I know is... I feel in love.... while I was cleaning the door the paint chips were so dry they all just fell off, underneath was aged, water stained wood, a bit of white here and there and some green at the top. The round boxes on the floor will soon have letters on them painted with black chalk paint it will be easy to do.
The door knob is the original and so gorgeous isn't it... with the skeleton key lock. Gosh, I remember these when I was growing up. How I miss the old days, the simplicity, the warmth of the architectural elements that see to be disappearing as time goes by... unless you have a very old home. The lack of technology was wonderful, the world was less hectic and far less noisy without all the cell phones.
Anyway the door goes really well in my living room if you could see the whole room, it's neighbor, Cindy, fell in love... It's so hard to photograph.
Decorating for me is something that finds it's way into my life. I wait for things to just happen like finding this door. I recently painted the chair rail that was already in the living room the color of the top of wall, and around the windows, took down the curtains and put up black shades. I always leave one wall in a room a solid color or coordinating color, behind my couch it's a weathered white like the bottom wall in the first photograph.

Then I photographed these hinges aren't  they just awesome...the detailed top on both hinges were pretty much still in tack. One way or the other it will come to me and I will be adding a bit of white to door, whether painting it milk paint or adding it with items that speak to me.
If you haven't noticed the blog name has changed. I am pleased, it better suits what I do, creating in my nest. I do have another surprise...I've been working at the local wood shop with some yummy really old barn wood to make bed trays, unique shaped boxes, old milk carriers with handles, old signs with words. Some will be listed for purchase on my shop page soon. I will make a post with photographs when ready.

In the meantime... I wish all who stop by a wonderful creative Sunday.