Friday, October 4, 2013

Pier 1 Shopping

Yesterday I took a walk... there won't be many nice days after this month so I took advantage of the sunny day and off I went. I made my way to the shopping plaza which I haven't been to in ages. Especially Pier 1 a beautiful store yes, but oh so expensive. I have to admit I enjoying looking around it's actually the candle section that amazes me. I know it's the way there displayed the ribbons, rope, etc tied around them with whatever little charm they choose, and of course the smells. I mean really who doesn't love candles and in the fall and winter months.

I watched a young couple making there new life, decorating the home. Her hubby sitting on a chair kept yelling at her, "come on would you make a decision" over and over. I could tell he was a beer kinda guy, sports watcher...finally after the last repeat of the phrase I slowly made my way over sat in a hanging chair by him and said this, "okay dude you need to listen, the girl is trying to shop make a decision I know it's boring for you...but ya know what's going to happen, if you rush her and she picks the wrong thing gets it home and doesn't like it?' With a smile he replied, " I'll be sitting right back here in this chair." Exactly I said..let her do what she has to do it's important to her as I looked at her, she smiled I said, "next time bring a beer in your purse" she laughed said, "that's a good idea, but he just had one" I looked at him and said, okay you're content let her do her thing..and it all worked out beautifully for them, very pricey but good he actually got involved. Sometimes a girl needs help to set a man straight, actually it's takes knowing how to approach and talk to people, plus years of experience of oneself, and age that helps you figured it out.
So I continued to browse for hours as I waited for my son to come pick me up. Stunned by the prices heck even the clearance items were still not a clearance price to me.  I came across this thing now sitting on my coffee table, I thought heck, why not treat myself it's been a long time...a long time since I bought anything pricey. So there it is a 75.00 dollar plus focal piece on my table. I sat last night starring at it thinking 75.00 What! Each ball was on sale for 3.99 a piece down from 8.99 okay not bad until they added up.
Now when I was young... decorating and having a nice home was one of the things us girls do. So I understand...but as I've aged I've noticed things changing. Well of course they do you might be thinking, and it's a change I wouldn't trade for the world. Looking at that 75.00 piece is nice yet far not worth the price. For 75.00 I could have a very nice dinner alone, treated myself to a long over due massage, or gone to a concert of II Volo, or took a canoe trip. Something to remember instead of something to view, a show piece that one day may end up in a garage sale. At the end of the day watching my little friend sleeping on the sheep skin rug was the best view of my day, the most heartfelt image of all.
And starting this Little Owl Cocoon Sack was the other. The joy of creating is far more enjoying than viewing the new show piece and one more piece to dust. Oh yes, I have been a
 daughter-sister-wife-mother-caregiver-babysitter-teacher-maid-cook-soother of boo boo's-broken hearts-bad dreams-party planner-wedding planner- therapist- problem solver- listener-grand mother-bank and more...and now at the beginning of my day and at the end... it all belongs to me. And that is priceless!
UPDATE - My blog name is changing to better suit what I do. It will also be moving to typepad or wordpress. I haven't decide which one best suits my needs. I will post when it has moved. Thank you.