Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Bunting Done...

Wow it's October first and hard to believe isn't it? Where does the time go even when the kids are grown and gone one would think there would be more time. It doesn't work that way, why, I can't answer that I don't know. I don't even have a theory. My daughter's baby is due in November and I finally finished the bunting she requested. I can't tell you how many of these I have done for people over the years. Three for grandbabies and many for local people who know I make these cuties.

I haven't added the buttons yet I just finished weaving all the ends. I did add a bit of soft blue knowing it's a boy. All the woman in our family have had two boys first then a girl. So I kinda knew and told my son way before the ultra sound and her revealing baby shower.

It was hard to photograph find a place that best showed the detail. I love making this bunting it's easy and so beautiful. I've done them in many types of yarn I like a cashmere or cashmere blend the best to work with and so soft. Currently making matching newborn mitts that attach on the back side of the sleeve with a button strap that's removable. Fall is one of the seasons I love it brings a sense of warmth, a sense of hibernation a time to create.
 UPDATE - forgot to mention I am starting new blog on either wordpress or typepad not sure which one yet. It will contain polyclay minature houses, one of my side passions.