Thursday, October 31, 2013

Magazines and Sewing Book Giveaway!

Do you collect Magazines?

I have this collection of magazines around my living room. There are currently 3 rather large stacks around a little over knee high that I just can't part with, for many reasons. Images, knitting, or crochet patterns, and Holiday Magazines. And what I love about them is no matter how long they have been in those piles, every time I revisit I find something new.

I collect a lot for patterns I see and think one day I will make this or that, especially this one, I just love oversizes cozy outer wear. Doesn't that just warm? It's what I love about living in the East the ability to experience the change of seasons, not only for the comfy clothing, but, to watch nature continue to surprise us over and over, day after day, year after year, is a gift to us. Maybe we don't like some of the days she brings, yet, one has to admit she gives us something to look forward too. 
Like trying something different a pattern that really doesn't say me, but still, I would like to learn and try wearing something different. I am not a trend follower, I am one of the innovators, I like to live outside the box, experience new things, express exactly who I am, and trying different things lets me do just that. I live in the moment I want to express myself in this life, not what some designer, or marketing add says I should be or wear. How can we know who we really are if following trends it what we do? In fact, one of my goals with my blog is to let everyone know that no matter how you look, or what you choose to wear, it's a real expression of you. To be extremely proud of whoever you are in this world no matter what you choose. And I say let them stare when they see the unusual because the unusual changes things, the world and more....

At the end of the day, when that door closes, you live with yourself not society. Not to say you can't pick clothing you see in adds that suit you, but that you don't have to totally amerce yourself in trends. Find you, and that's where happiness lives. Like for me this pattern, this kind of item, is not me, but again I would like to try it, maybe change it up a bit. Trying things leads to finding out more about yourself and I love that...growing through trying and learning is something I adore!


It means at any age even when the kids are grown and gone I still have desires and goals. Okay, shut up....LOL...I just said that out loud, after all doesn't the title say magazines. Okay, Okay, I'm back on the train...One of my favorite magazines is Period Living, God Bless, Europe, for giving the world an in site into how others live. I am always curious about other cultures are you? I find it intriguing, fascinating, how we all are talented in so many different ways. The awesome ideas, the coziness of there living, and there cultural celebrations. I just want too dive into the entire world. I want to know how you live whether it's rich, middle class, poor and in deep poverty, I want to experience it all no matter where you live in this world. Without it, how do we know anyone? There is one question I would really like someone out there to answer, a question, truly from there creative soul.
 In Europe they tend to live with bright colors, crocheted homemade things in pastels like Little Woollies, Attic 24, Cherry Heart. How and were did this beautiful colorful designs begin, what's it's origin that brought them to live so passionately, often simple, brightly alive, creative, especially in crocheting? I ask, as much of what I have seen, on shows like Dowton Abby and other films like Bridget Jones Diary, Jane Ere, Little Women, where none of that seem to exist.
 I want to learn....and with all that said...whee that was a lot! On to the end of the post title...

The Perfect Handmade Bag by Clare Young's, (published in 2009) it's been with me awhile, and is in excellent condition, never used. I bought it thinking okay I'll make purses, woman like them, right. Well, that's not me, I am not a female who collects purses and since I don't I am not being truly honest within myself. I can't create something that is not a passion, and that's what I mean about living your true life, your way.

I will leave this post up until Monday November, 4th unless there are no comments or interest in this book. It contains beautiful purses, and other carrier patterns to sew. It truly is a beautiful book. I will close the giveaway on Monday at Midnight EST. Then I will use a number generator to pick the winner. It will ship once I contact the winner to get your mailing information. So please leave a link so I can contact you.
Thank you all again for stopping by, I am truly appreciative that you are interested in my world.
Keep those hands moving, and no matter how your handmade creative item turns out, keep in mind it came from you, and that's all that matters.

Brain derailed again.....LOL..I forgot to let you know about this link, if you haven't seen it, do so,    it's a beautifully wedding ad. Really!