Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Knitted Project and My Baby...

It's hard to believe that any day now, my baby, is having her first baby. Out of all boy's, she is my only girl. There are so many memories running through my mind this week. So much so, everything I seem to create, has been ripped out and redone over and over...
As I look at this silhouette I see so much more than one could find in a color image. It's what I adore about black and white, your eyes just focus on expression. In just this image, I see a mother's love for a baby, waiting to arrive, someone she's carried for 9 months, who she hasn't even meant, she is head over heels in love with...amazing isn't it!
Despite the fact my baby is having a baby, I am head over heals, it's so different then when it's your daughter in law. It's a connection like none I've had with my son's, and one I am so very grateful to be experiencing. I literally feel the blood line of the women in my family history carrying on...and yet at the same time, can with all my heart, relate to those who can not carry one of there own. Bless you, for choosing to adopt, for those children, whom for whatever reason, there parents have to let go, are just as blessed to have you, love them with all your heart...love any child with everything you have, for they make the most sense in this life, out of so many things that don't. They are the true beauty of any innocence in human form. Soak in that innocence, nurture it, watch it change, grow and guide it with every ounce of love you have within you. For they are the closest thing, the purest thing to an angel on this earth, that you will ever find.
although it's been a long two year struggle for my daughter, she never gave up. She has an ovarian condition that causes the eggs to turn into cyst which makes it very hard to have a baby and often impossible. Many as she did, use fertility drugs to encourage a proper ovulation if they are lucky. But, through a lot of tears and determination (Okay if any men are reading pay attention...or just hang in there I hear ya, this is women talk) two miscarriages later, a little boy named William, is about to arrive. It's doesn't get anymore beautiful then that....or does it?
Well maybe, okay let's face it, I think not! I started this project Sunday night and just finished it last night. I am learning to knit continental ( is that what they call it) which I love, and learning from a terrific lady named, Cat Bordhi. I have learned so many wonderful tips and tricks from this lovely lady, who shares everything. I am currently knitting by holding my yarn in my left hand and pulling underneath through the loops, instead of in my right hand, taking it around the needle. I can't tell you how fast knitting goes with this method. Here is one of her video's that helped me with this pattern by Sean Riley on Raverly. I just loved it!
For me, the hardest thing about knitting is working with stripes, all those different colors, yet what I hate the most, is weaving in those dreaded ends. Do You? Even crochet projects, weaving in ends seems to be something I have read, nearly everyone who works yarn hates. Despite the ends, I really enjoyed knitting this Cocoon project.  I searched and searched for anyone to teach me a way to weave in those darn ends, and came up with the same thing...there is no right or wrong way. From the Purl Bee to Susan b. Anderson, to so many other sites, there weren't many answers.
Yet... I still knitted stripes, gave it my best... and that's all we can do.
And now it's in the blocking stage, and although it's mostly acrylic, for me, blocking really doesn't make sense with this type of yarn. But, I do it anyway on my little table top ironing board. I have yet to buy a blocking board, only because this year I seemed to be knitting more and liking it a whole heck of a lot! The learning is so accelerating, so challenging, and although the end result isn't always what I hope for...I still carry on..because I am in love with those needles and so adore working with yarn. I look forward to this years winter weather and say bring it on...because this gal is going to be doing a lot of knitting!
And before I close this post...here they are...my babies...who are now 27 to 33 and I can hardly believe it! All married with families of there own, enjoying there own journey's and reminding me everyday of my own with them.
Say hello to....Aaron William (left) a computer tech for a large corporation, Dannon Mae (middle) my yogurt girl, Lol, yup, named after the yogurt, is a radiographer, and my oldest, Adam Michael (right) who too, is a computer tech for another large corporation. I am a proud mother, more so because I am so very grateful, and so very blessed that they have been in my life.
Every doctor told me not to have anymore children, after having kidney failure while 6 months pregnant with my oldest, Adam. Every doctor on my case said, abort him, and my every response was no....I challenged them, and they figured out a way to get him to full term. Another story...I defied all odds and had more. Even despite major kidney surgery when Adam was just 5 months old.
I am still standing in so many ways, and that's what life is about, we keep standing when life hits us the hardest, we get up, we take it, learn from it, and move on...because nothing will hit you harder than life and nothing can hit back harder than you. Its how we learn, it's how we grow, life teaches us everything about who we are.... and when you realize your journey, all those trials no matter how tough, are meant just for you, they build character, they teach us exactly who we are meant to be...you will keep standing through it all... you will become a much happier person for it!
Just listen when those trials come, they will teach you everything, you need to know, about yourself.
And with all that said....have a wonderful day...and as always... keep those hands creating...and keep listening to your life trials!
Thank you so very much for popping in and reading my blog.