Saturday, October 26, 2013

Making This Years Christmas Cards and more....

Hey to all, hope your week was a good one!
As for me it was spent designing my Christmas Cards for this year, and a few ornaments to add to the Christmas tree. Like I've mentioned in many posts being so creative is often a bit of a curse. There is always something going on in my creative world.
My head spins when I lay down at night, in fact, I keep a notepad and pen next to me along with a little flash when an idea pops in I can jot it down. Often by the end of the week there are pieces of paper laying all over my night table, with ideas, waiting for there turn to become something real...tangible, useful. I love working with paper, my favorite medium by far for creating..although yarn is right up there with my paper passion. Which is always Eco-friendly. However, the yarn for me is more of a relaxing medium the rhythm of the process gives my creative mind a break.
So....this year I added another bird, I love birds, I think most people do, are you one of them? For me it's the beauty of there freedom..there ever going flight through the air so gracefully. They're stance when perched on a tree limb or for that anything is captivating. This new little bird design...sketched out on Montval watercolor paper and embossed with snowflakes joins my collection. 
He's 5 inches long 3" wide a hearty bird I might add. He's not complete, I am thinking of adding rustic charms hanging from the bottom, snowflakes maybe or bells would be nice.. yes bells.. I think it will be, rightly so, he should be able to sing. Then on top a nice satin ribbon with a ball painted a cream color, antiqued lightly, to perch him upon the tree.
Indeed, he will be finished off with a clear embossing glaze for future lasting use.
Before finishing off my Christmas Card design for this year..I did spend a few evening playing with my new 9" Android Tablet actually playing Angry Birds, introduced to me by my grand son's. I just love it! Every time I play it which can be 3 plus hours at a time, I laugh as I shoot the cutest little birds out of a sling's funny I think they say, okay here I go I'll do it something like that, it's just so darn cute. As are my Christmas cards this year, I was quite pleased. I have this fascination with windows. I've always dreamed of a studio with long windows close to the floor, no curtains, open to the sky, all the views of nature. Tinted to watch the stars at night the views in the dark are just as beautiful as those in the light.
These cards are embossed including the colors...aged by hand a technique I love! And the window filled with snow. I think I did good this year, those receiving one hopefully will feel the same, and put them to good recycling use.
Thanks for stopping by my blog...have a fantastic weekend and keep creating!