Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tad Dah! It's Finished...

Since my last post I've been working on the not a cowl project. Out of the whole process photographing myself was the hardest. I think I took some fifty, cutting myself out, showing half the hat. Needless to say it was quite the experience, especially since I usually close my eyes nearly every time someone snaps a photograph of me. Surprising so... many years ago I was a photographer at an Olan Mills Photography Studio. Way back before the days of digital camera's unloading the film in a dark room to be sent out. So yes, this is me at home no makeup no prep...ooh and wearing the project which now you know is a hat or is it!
I have to tell you there are mistakes, it's why I always work the pattern first before making my final color choice. The colors are me without a doubt and so are the mistakes. Which is also why I work the pattern a first time...did I already say that! And trust me the mishaps are there, while watching NFL football ( a big football fan here) on Sunday is were they all started. No, they started in the first two rows. Like I said, I always cast on and do the first two rows by going down 2 to 3 needle sizes depending on the yarn. I work my yarn very loose when I start although temps to correct it haven't worked I just learned to adapt. I really like how easy this pattern was to complete and the hardest part was simply figuring out the flap which turned out to be easy. My biggest mishap was knitting one extra row of color then I needed which you'll see later. I am pleased with the results despite the whoops!
Which is why I decided to cover my face...not really...I wanted to show you how the flap comes down. Well first lets go back to the top photograph, there is something missing. On each corner of the flat there are button holes where the flat buttons to the hat so it doesn't fall. I still have to put those on plus two on the bottom in the tan area by my chin...Why!
Okay, first I have to undo the top!
Wait a minute as I open the top and pull it down over my entire face to my neck! I have to tell you I despise coats with bulky hoods, hats that unzip from your coat or tuck inside the neckline. Let's just say I hate hats that attach to my clothing, or one I have to take off carry around or stuff in my purse....which is what drew me to this pattern. It's not only warm it's functional and that's say me too.
And functional it is....how convenient isn't it... and yummy fashionable!
So much so even my cat I think was impressed...I'd like to think so...actually she's eyeing the i-cord that closes the top of the hat and ties around the neck.
I knitted the hat/cowl with Caron's Simply Soft on size 7 circular needles if you remember them. I am smitten with the way this yarn gives and maintains it's shape, not to mention it's incredibly soft. Not good for showing stitch detail but for me I just wanted function. The pattern starts at the top where the i-cord sits..then down in a k2, P2 pattern. It should have actually stopped at the cream before the flap row making it a cream flap, hence my extra football row, making too much bulk at the top were it ties when in the hat function. Four buttons are needed two to for the flap when in the cowl stage. Two in the beige area under the chin to roll down as a cowl. I am currently working the final one in colors that will match my winter coats and make it easy to coordinate with outfits. This one will find it's way to being used while shoveling the driveway or walking in the woods. Like I said, "I am pleased."