Friday, August 2, 2013

Do You Think About Things....Like This?

 Another Friday is here the rain is back and I am feeling calm and seem to be going down a mental road of random thoughts.
Every time I see this photograph I am in aw of the artist and so in love with this baby fairy, I think of my daughter and the new baby to arrive in the fall.
I look outside my living room window at all the green soon to change to beautiful colors, but I, still love the greens. And this company let's me know I can have them any time of year.
Everything is already in the bag, this one is for Good Luck, but they do have different collections of herbs. A great gift to send anyone, even me! Hee hee!
Today I miss my children, there are many emotions one experiences with children, even after there gone they may piss you off at times, but they never leave your heart. If there were time travel I would take the trip if only to watch myself interact with them like an old movie. To watch them when they were tiny an experience that goes way to fast. One little life that changes yours at the moment of birth amazing isn't it?
Some people often wonder and even ask if you have a favorite child... not at all, you just respond to them differently depending on there personality and needs. There is usually one that requires more than another and you have to feed that need, which often appears to the others you have a favorite. And that's when you explain your actions to the child feeling left out.
I look at this and think, I want to live there...with nature, away from all the hustle and bustle of this new techno world. When they say less is more and clutter in a room makes clutter in your life, it's true. Another reason I love simple.
This is somewhat how I would like the interior cozy, natural, and again, simple.
Today, the glowing flame of a candle just says whee, the day is done and I am relaxing with my knitting needles...I am always amazed and in aw at the emotions each day brings. I wonder what it will be tomorrow? That's the beauty of life...everyday is like opening a new present sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's just so, so, but it's always a surprise! And that's the beauty of living. What are your thoughts today!