Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Making Progress Log Cabin Blanket

It seems like summer just pasted us by and many stores are now stocked with School supplies. I find it  hard to believe, it feels like I fell asleep and slept right through a whole season. Where did it go! There was very little time in the garden, with the weather nearly everything was lost even the tomatoes. I managed to pick one zucchini from four plants that barely grew. It just seems so odd, nothing like I have ever seen in my life time. The garden is always a peacefully place for me and prepares me to hibernate for the winter. There has been soooo much rain I fear it may be a rough winter after two that were so still. Maybe it's what we need though, the winter to be as intended for nature to regenerate itself properly. All I know it's made me sad to miss out on the gardening this year and the fresh organic veggies. I did manage to have a lot of varieties of lettuce which was good and plan on planting again in August. Despite the weather which is so cool here is feels like fall, I've been knitting and crocheting away. I finished using the rest of the yarn on the half double crocheted shawl and will have to find a yarn to match to continue. It's not quite as long yet as I would like it to be...but this lovely log cabin DK light weight blanket which actually feels more like a fingering weight has come together with the light green. This was yarn I had stashed away from Sensations Cuddle Yarn for  babies which is now discontinued which is sad as this yarn is so incredible to work with and oh so soft. I can not tell you how long it took me to start the next color....if you would have seen me Sunday evening you would have laughed. I spent nearly 8 hours adding the yarn, ripping it out, adding it again and ripping it out. It was like a game between me and the yarn. The reason being I cast on loosely and should have gone way down on needles when I started the blanket. The beginning cast on row was so loose I had problems adding the light green yarn. Not being a quitter I figured out a way to add it which turned out fine as you can see. The only thing that's odd is the green seems a lighter weight of yarn than the brown even though it's all the same brand bought all at once. I should not be surprised though as it happens sometimes just as summer has passed us by being a surprise we just have to push forward to next year, and hope it turns out better for us all. I must add though I have be able to work many projects that would wait until winter. I am happy to be knitting and crocheting!