Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Couch Makeover Part 1

Being a frugal gal and one who finds use for nearly everything. I decided to revamp a couch I've had for years and years. It's been through a lot, children, and a few animals but it's has good bones. I am all about using what you have instead of tossing and replacing. I only wish I would have photographed it before I removed the bottom cover that hid the legs. It was really quite simple to remove simply lift the flap up and you see a piece of cardboard about 1/2" wide with staples. All you have to do is pull out the staples and it comes right off. I left the back flat on, being up against the wall there was no reason to remove it. As you can see the legs are not the best, I considered this before I decided to remove the covering. Then I thought of something really clever and so easy you don't have to worry how the legs appear.
I had some jute rope and when it was purchased it really had no use, other than to have it on hand.
Well, it came to good use, taking the jute and wrapping it around the legs was just what it needed. It took those non detailed dark wood legs and made them just right.
You can see here when they were all finished how it changed the look of the fabric. The legs don't stand out as much as they do in the first picture, I am pleased.
After the bottom covering was removed there was piping left that had an unfinished edge at the bottom which was fraying. Now, I thought about leaving the piping in place and using some of the fabric from the bottom cover, to tack over the fraying edge. Instead I had another idea, yup, this girl is just full of idea's there just isn't enough time to bring them to fruition. I am also guilty of starting one project and moving on to another. Naughty me, although I really am working hard on completing as I go. I have to say the older one gets the easier it is to finish projects. Less confusion going on and more time to focus. So I started pulling out the staples on the pipping, whee, they sure did use the staples.
After pulling a few of the staples here and there I simply grabbed the piping and was able to pull it off pretty easy. Just keep at it eventually it all comes off.
Now being the person I am who just has to see my idea's asap. I went to the store and grabbed some decorative upholstery nails even before the piping was all removed. Thank goodness I bought 6 packs (there weren't a lot in each package) so I probably will have to go back. It does take a lot depending on the length of your couch including the sides. I'm going to finish the tacking today and then I have another really cool idea. So climb on board and stick around for part 2 the next posting will be of the finished couch. I am not posting again until this is finished. See ya soon!