Sunday, August 18, 2013

And the Garden Keeps Giving Lately...

I am a bit confused with the weather we are going back up into the high 80's this coming week. I've been in the #garden nearly everyday checking the newly planted #zucchini and the new batch of #lettuce. Everything seems to be growing just fine this being my fall crop. It seems to me that summer has arrived a bit late. The #sunflowers are now blooming as they should have last month what can I say at least they have arrived. I was hoping because the seeds feed a lot o the birds through the winter. I guess then I better quite picking them adding two more to my fresh flowers. I had to take out the rest of the greenery the cat thought it was play time, which I don't mind just that she kept knocking them over. I think I like this arrangement more don't you agree...oh, the smells of summer and the chill sometimes in the air that says fall is upon us. I was happy this summer by now everything usually looks dried up with colors of yellow. Not this summer it's still a beautiful green. I know the change is coming and I am not sad it's been a nice spring, and summer. The best in awhile despite all the rain. And if you're wondering about the hash tag marks I am trying something new I just hope I'm doing it right!
Have a wonderful Sunday, many blessings to all.