Sunday, July 21, 2013

You Really Had to Be Here......

There are times I feel like this puppy cocking my head in aw and wondering what's going on, like in the wee hours of Sunday morning. A vast of strong thunderstorms made there way across our area and for 3 hours kick off the power. I got out my lantern, (the ones like Little House on The Prairie) and my first on earth did they read or do anything with this beautiful glass hurricane lamp that let off a soft warm honey color. It didn't matter how high I turned the flame, it just got taller without really spreading the light any further. As I sat knitting my log cabin blanket I could hear the thunder in the distance, the rain tapping on the air conditioner sounding as if to make music so perfect in pitch, and yet walking it's way across the roof like tiny feet making there way down the stairs. All perfectly matching the other.
With my head cocked as I do when I knit... it seems to lean to the left making me wonder if those who knit left handing handed tilt there heads to the right. In the glow of the hurricane light, which was quite soothing for knitting I began thinking random thoughts.
What would the world do if all electricity was gone. No charging of the cell phones, any electronics that required the electrical charge. I suppose that's why I keep a land line as I tell my children it always works when everything else goes out. Then I thought about my air conditioner, how use to it I have become.. as the heat began to invade my space. As the minutes ticked by I could feel the warmth of the outside making it's way in and wondering, how did they stand it before this thing was invented.
How could they not I thought...if you don't know of such a thing, haven't the pleasure of it's use, how could the heat be as would just adapt. Something it seems we don't have to do much anymore, adapt...things just seem to be there without any thought of being without... all taken for granted on a daily bases. I sat as the heat rose grabbed a pile of papers and began to fan myself. Even fans could not have done much had there electricity been out when it was first available. Which got me thinking does anyone make a fan large enough to be powered by a charge. One that would last say 3 maybe 4 hours after fully charged. I don't know how many of my readers are privileged to have available a generator, I am certainly not one of them, so I rely on the Electric Company to restore power. I did some research today and found this for those who only have cell phones. It's not the best but it's better than nothing. There is also this one which is solar powered you must read the reviews to decide for yourself, but they are a good price.
Meanwhile I continued knitting and waiting and fanning myself, I began to wonder off again only slightly in a different direction....I thought of the word Infinity and then the car Infinity and suddenly out loud I say to my cat, Bella, gee, if someone buys an Infinity does that mean once they get in and take off they never come back...okay, okay, stay with me after all the tube as we called it or the TV was not working. One must entertain thyself and the cat who is freaking out over a thunderstorm...then I said, Bella, tell me why do people fight and protest over Religion but not Science. I mean come on how many people protest over the Theory of Evolution or start a war over it? Geeks and Nerds are really on to something here!
Then it happened... I had to have one more thought and it was a dilly...I thought of these slogans.
Join the Army be all you can be (how do I know if I'm all I can be if I didn't join the Army)
Join the Navy see the World ( okay now I really missed out I haven't seen the world)
The Marines are looking for few good men ( Okay if they're still looking for a few good men, they must not have found any yet) and by the way woman are joining now so isn't that a bit racist?
So there you have it me sitting without electricity in the heat occasionally fanning myself, knitting with my thoughts...Note to self, don't travel back in time if they invent it, life is too good with electricity...I'd be screwed.
Boy are we a spoiled society!