Monday, July 22, 2013

Morning Dew Walk...And Someone Was Watching!

I love the early morning hours 6 to 7 am when the air smells fresh and there is dew everywhere as if it rained. I am always in aw...of the way the morning dew drops photograph so beautifully. The temperature finally broke and the heat is gone for now. I've noticed everything in nature seems to be confused this season, with all the rain the garden is just beginning to produce what little is left. The zinnia's finally bloomed, oh... it's so nice to see the colors of summer. It feels a bit like spring here though, it's odd even I am a bit off this season... with the rain I've spent a lot of time inside knitting seems much like winter knitting, and then I look outside and marvel at how long nature has maintained it's colors, and I am thankful. Especially for the little guy who I caught out of the corner of my eye hiding in the tall weeds and did not make one move until I walked away.
Isn't he just beautiful!